1461 Acts of Resistance: Day 2


There is ample reason for pessimism about the long-term efficacy of taking to the streets. The record-setting crowds of women (and feminists of all genders) fill the streets of DC or Chicago might seem like an exercise in preaching to the choir, but the Women’s March inspired thousands throughout the country (some photos from Moscow Idaho here; HT ). Was Trump forced to step down? No. Access to abortion guaranteed? Nope. Scientific understanding restored to policy debate? Certainly not. It did, however, do a few things. The marches reminded us that we can act together, we can find with others who think that resisting a rapey misogynist buffoon is worth a few hours of a Saturday morning. It gave us a little hope and a little inspiration. Hopefully it also sent a signal to those once relatively reasonable conservatives who sold their souls for a chance to privatize schools and Medicare (remember when conservatism meant free trade and family values?). We will not go quietly. Perhaps we’ll take up the tactics of the Tea Party, pestering you about ACA replacement at your town hall meetings. Perhaps we will take up the tactics of the NRA, shoveling money into state/local races to defeat craven hypocrites. Wait and see.

Update: More on small town participation in the march.



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