Day 3: Resistance is Fertile


I’m playing catch-up a little here, trying to fill in the first 3 days. So for today, I resort to a little checkbook liberalism with a recurring donation to Planned Parenthood (see also, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund). Certainly cash can’t be the only strategy, but then again if everyone who marched yesterday made a small donation, it could add up to real money.

Speaking of strategy, Politico has an interesting piece on the question of where democrats should go from here. Will it be the Tea Party of the left, or more like another Occupy movement? An interesting approach (, no doubt drawing from the Tea Party playbook, lets users identify nearby Congressional swing districts where they might help to maintain a Democratic seat or contribute to a Republican loss in the 2018 midterm election. The site lets you sign up for alerts that keep you involved as the campaign progresses.


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