Day 4: “Ignorance is Strength” Edition


Confirmed deatheater Kellyanne Conway put the OH-for-fuck’s-sake in “Orwellian” yesterday by defending White House Press Fabulist Sean Spicer’s account of Trump’s inauguration crowds as far larger than they actually were. In a phrase that would make the Minister of Truth blush, she claimed that Spicer was working from “alternative facts.” Much mockery ensued, but when future archaeologists dig up this wordpress server from the nuclear ash heap and reboot it, I think they will be more impressed by this administration’s skills at media distraction and manipulation than by its shaky grasp of reality.

For my act of resistance for today I’m joining the (albeit vaguely suspicious) letter-writing campaign to send Trump a snail mail protest to changes to the Affordable Care Act. Perhaps the torrent of letters will convince…OK, maybe it’ll be a pain in the ass for them to clean up. That’s worth it.


2 thoughts on “Day 4: “Ignorance is Strength” Edition

    • I didn’t find any web presence for the campaign with a quick search but here’s an excerpt from the email:
      …Listen up: The Republicans need to get the message from the majority of Americans that we value and need the benefits of Obamacare. Here’s how we do that:
      On January 23, everyone who feels that way (our numbers are legion) sends a note to Donald Trump with a simple message:

      “Don’t make America sick again. Improve Obamacare. Don’t repeal it.”

      One envelope for every ACA supporter in your household…even if they are under 18 years old. Just that simple message. Put it in an envelope, and put a stamp on it. On January 23, mail it to:
      President Donald Trump
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Washington, DC 20500


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