Day 7: The Senate

Before moving on to our main topic for the day, a quick update. As I’ve mentioned before, our petulant chief executive, who brings to the office all the emotional maturity of a 3-year-old, has had a bee in his bonnet about the lamestream media’s insistence on reporting the actual fact that his inauguration crowds were a little, let’s say, flaccid. There were rumors that the toddler-in-chief had pressured the National Park Service to airbrush a few tens of thousands of people into their crowd estimates, and now the Washington Post gives a play-by-play of that fateful morning when an interim director of an under-the-radar federal agency gets a call from THE PRESIDENT. These new details come from ‘unnamed sources,’ adding to the recent impression that the new administration is leaking like a Russian prostitute (no offense to Russian prostitutes of course, but I couldn’t pass that one up).

Anywho, on a more serious note, Betsy DeVos, multi-billionaire nominee for Secretary of Privatizing Education faced some tough questions in her confirmation hearing, and her appointment seems a little more tenuous now. Here’s a list of the members of the Senate on the committee that will decide whether to pass her nomination on. Do any of you live in Tennessee, Wyoming, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Louisiana, Indiana, Utah, Kansas, Arkansas or South Carolina? Probably not. But if you do (or perhaps know someone who does), give those dear Senators a call. Even if your senators are dems (Washington, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Wisconsin or Connecticut) give them a call anyway. It gives them political cover to take tough positions. Does one phone call really make any difference? Maybe so. It turns out that 1000 calls constitutes a deluge as far as Senate staffers are concerned, meaning that you and a few of your friends can account for a good percentage of a popular uprising. The DeVos nomination may never make it to the floor, but I registered my opinion today via Contact forms on the websites for our new Senator Tammy Duckworth and our liberal stalwart Dick Durban.


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