Day 10: Lyft Uber Alles


Already known for ethically challenged corporate citizenship, Uber found itself with more reputation troubles today, after having engaged in what many consider picket crossing behavior by sending its drivers to JFK amidst a 1-hour strike by New York cabbies. The cabbies were, of course, protesting Cheeto Berlusconi’s (HT to my friend Paul Gray for that exquisite epithet) executive order, and Uber reportedly took advantage of the sudden lack of competition at the airport by dropping surge pricing. This charming commercial move did not endear the company to the Resistance, and a movement to delete the app spread on social media under the hashtag #DeleteUber. If you are interested in joining in, you should remember to delete your account on the website as well, since that enables you to leave a message about your motivation. The letter above is the response I got from the company. Clearly in damage control mode.

This leads to the question of other potential consumer boycotts, and though I would never have any use for a Trump branded hotel in any case, I feel like we should refuse to contribute to any venture he’s ever touched. Can we lift a page from Keyser Soze’s revenge strategy and boycott even the people who owe him money?


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