Day 12: Call Early, Call Often



For those unfamiliar with the Twitterese, these are notices that two users (Fhdjdjdhd and Dhsbdhd) have favorited a comment that I made on another tweet (the inset, by Dave Barabas). These are two of a few tens of these notices that I received in quick succession from similarly obscure users. That’s of interest not because of the rapier wit of my bon mot and the wave of viral adoration it generated, but rather the opposite. These favs are clearly from a bot that has been able to generate anonymous accounts, presumably in order to game Twitter metrics. While I’m not claiming to be the center of some vast conspiracy, this is one of that many kinds of social media propaganda the Russians have been accused of engineering in that fateful election. Some random programmer looking to boost the anti-Trump signal? An organized network of lefty social media hackers? Russians trying to sow more chaos? Some odd coincidence of newbie Twitter users with random character names? Who knows?

Parenthetically, an interesting alternative take on the Yates defenestration points to some complications in the martyr-for-the-cause narrative that grew out of yesterday’s events. ABC News also has a good discussion of the reasoning behind the particular selection of travel-banned countries as well as consideration of whether there is evidence of Trump business interests in those countries not included in the ban.

Today I called our senator Dick Durbin’s Chicago office to register opposition to the Jeff Sessions appointment (Durbin is on the Finance Committee). That was likely to be a no brainer for our very liberal senator (among those who boycotted the hearings), but I wanted to register my support anyway. The phones ,seemed to be ringing off the hook there, and the staffer didn’t take the time even to ask my name or zip code. I also tried another member of the Finance Committee today, but their voicemail was full. Seems to be a lot of that going around lately. Today I also heard about a website that helps you identify legislators to call and focus your activism (they suggest 5 calls in 5 minutes each day).


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