Day 13: Exhaustion

This is the kind of day it’s been:

I’m trying to stay positive, but I’m already just tired. Anyone of these things could be a political crisis on it’s own, worthy of much ridicule or gnashing of liberal teeth. Instead this is just one day with a full shit smoothie of incompetence, ignorance and hateful malice. It barely feels real, like some kind of nightmare.

Hopefully I’ll have a better handle on things tomorrow. For today, I can only offer RefugeeOne, an organization that offers opportunities to volunteer and organize donation drives for refugees in your area.


2 thoughts on “Day 13: Exhaustion

  1. We’ve gone off the rails and as we careen ever downward (has it only been 13 days?) I do take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone. We’re not alone facing this usurper. Just tap me on the shoulder if you would like me to take the blog for one of the remaining 1448 days. I think that Mr. Keller would likely take another day or two.


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