Day 16: It’s the Small Things


Things are happening fast. Seems like there are four or five major developments every day. As you all are certainly aware, a Seattle judge blocked the temporary increased visa scrutiny that the president continues call a ‘ban,’ despite his press secretary claiming that use of the word ‘ban’ was propaganda of the left-wing media (great video of on-the-fly fact checking by Jake Tapper here). While the administration responded with a move to appeal, I think we all feel that’s at least a small victory (for now). It also seems that Homeland Security is complying with the order, so that’s at least one sign that constitutional checks and balances are working at the moment.

Speaking of checks and balances, the dingbat-in-chief said this about the court order:

illustrating his acute understanding of how our democracy works. How this man can shovel so much ignorance and malevolence into less than 140 character is truly astounding, a very efficient bullshit flux.


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