Day 19: Sources and Methods

Less than three weeks in and I feel like the fact that there hasn’t been a nuclear launch or an armed standoff between federal marshals and DHS border agents means we are doing OK (#LowBar). With the relentless gaslighting going on I think we are all turning into amateur epistemologists, trying to figure out how we know what we know, and what makes something believable. My contribution to this discussion for today is to recommend two excellent podcasts, each of which provides informed rational discussion to political events. The Slate Political Gabfest features a panel of three, David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson. Since starting the show at Slate, each of them has moved on to other presumably more lucrative gigs, yet they continue to contribute to this show with reason and eloquence. Another gem from Slate is Amicus, a Supreme Court podcast by Dahlia Lithwick. She’s extremely good at cutting through the arcana to get to the meat of the cases she discusses, and she often interviews attorneys who have argued the cases before the court.


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