Day 20: The Sessions Sessions

What is one thing I never want to hear from Republican again? How they respect the legacy of MLK. Today the Senate confirmed Jefferson Beauregard Sessions for the Attorney General of the United States. I do believe he really was joking with that line about liking the KKK until he found out they smoked pot (because I can almost see myself making that kind of stupid, inappropriate, ham-fisted quip–certainly not for any love of the KKK). But I also think he has been a foe of voting rights, and sends exactly the wrong message in this post-Ferguson era. The confirmation vote was notable for GOP senators voting to silence Elizabeth Warren for the temerity of besmirching Sessions’ reputation by reading an unflattering letter about him from Coretta Scott King, a move that resulted in a textbook example of Streisand effect (see this). Before the final vote came in today, I shared my disapproval with my two senator’s Chicago offices. I got through to one real person, and left another message on voicemail. As we now know, only one Democrat broke ranks, and the question now will be whether dems give him the Tea Party treatment in the next election.


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