Day 23: Slightly Less Shiny Objects


While our Asshole-in-Chief is clearly a dangerous, incompetent madman, and a unique threat to our nation, as we’ve been focused on the latest Orange Outrage state-level GOP pols have been busy exploiting their one-party rule in 25 states. Many of the exact things that we’ve been marching for in the last few weeks are under most proximate threat not from the Trump Train and its congressional enablers, but by GOP governors with GOP state assemblies. Missouri is literally banning abortion (presumably in anticipation of a more favorable SCOTUS), while other state legislatures are relaxing gun laws, privatizing education, restricting union rights and trying to outlaw the protections provided by sanctuary cities.

So I’m not saying give up fighting the good fight at the federal level, but when you need a break from calling the same 3 US legislators, check in with your state reps. I’m guessing there’ll be something of interest to talk about. For example, both my state senator Kwame Raoul and my state representative Barbara Flynn Currie have offices just down the street. They are now on my call list. You may find it hard to keep up with state issues as they come up. Sign up for legislative alerts from the groups you know and love, as I did for Illinois Planned Parenthood.

An update on yesterday’s topic: Precious snowflake Jason Chaffetz, known for leading investigations of Hillary Clinton, apparently found the possibility of organic protest against his support for Trump so unlikely as to deny its legitimacy. Chaffetz claims the protesters, who had the audacity to show up at a town hall and express opinions, were paid shills from outside his district. Though no evidence was given, I suppose it’s technically possible, but where have I heard that kind of claim before? Hmm.

Anyway, here’s a great clip of Colbert commenting on the congressman’s oversight skills.





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