Day 25: This is Not Normal

For any youngsters who may be following the flea circus that is the first weeks of the Agent Orange administration, I would like to point out that nothing about this is normal. Yes, there is some hyperbole, and there are some left-wing conspiracy theories floating around, but for the most part everything about this first few weeks is actually historically quite unprecedented (at least in our modern political world). New presidents do not criticize veterans or go after judges. They don’t blatantly lie about facts that are essentially meaningless but easily verified. They don’t claim truth by presidential fiat. They don’t assert the supreme power of the executive. And, I know this is hard to believe, they don’t hire, and then knowingly keep, a national security adviser who has been having ongoing secret conversations with a quasi-hostile foreign government. I suppose to those Trump supporters shouting “Drain the swamp” this sounds like the pearl clutching vapors of a bunch of liberal (and conservative) elites whose diplomatic niceties are being challenged by a no-nonsense Everyman. That is insane. The idea that you would not have your top national security adviser compromised by a foreign power is not some excess of pansy political correctness. It’s not left-leaning media bugbear. It’s not a vast liberal conspiracy. The fact that the administration has failed to get rid of him is, at best, a sign of phenomenal incompetence.

As I write this, the Washington Post is reporting that Flynn has resigned. We can assume that he was shown the door by the administration, mitigating a small element of my criticism. That it took this long is still troubling.

I made four calls today to Illinois state politicians, leaving 3 messages and talking to one staffer. Just getting to leave voicemail is an achievement compared to what’s been happening lately with national office holders. Give it a try.





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