Day 27: Short Takes

It’s still somewhat unclear how much spine Republicans are going to bring to any sort of investigation of the contacts between #45’s campaign and Russian intelligence agents. House Judiciary Committee Chair Nunes called demands for a special investigation nothing but politics. Rand Paul, speaking about the Flynn affair, apparently agrees, saying there is no reason Republicans should be wasting time investigating Republicans when they could be repealing Obamacare.

From outside the liberal bubble today, here’s a post that argues that liberals are going too far in minimizing the risk of terrorism. A reasonable question: could the lack of successful attacks be a testament to the effectiveness of counter terrorism efforts rather than to the lack of intrinsic threat? Possibly. But even if the threat were quite a bit greater, it would not be worth all the xenophobic fear-mongering from the right.

Three calls today about the civil asset forfeiture bill coming up in Illinois. Got through to 2 actual staffers by calling the Springfield offices rather than the satellites. In other local developments, here’s another food related #Resistance event in the Chicago area.



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