Day 28: You Can Run…

GOP legislators seem to be on the run from their constituents as they head back to their districts for a recess. According to Vice News (referencing a pay service that monitors congressional activity), only 88 town halls are scheduled 292 congressional Republicans (and 35 of those for Sensenbrenner). This compares to 222 in-person events from the first two months of the last congressional session in 2015.

As I’ve mentioned before, there is also a crowd sourced list of public events by legislators. The list includes things like open house events with staffers, so not everything listed there is an opportunity to speak directly to your representative, but it’s important to take advantage of the venues that are available.

What strategy we should be using for representatives that refuse to show themselves is another important question. Bring the protests to their offices? Houses? Take it to the media? I’m not sure. This may require some creativity.

In the notable omission department, I can’t bring myself to watch what was apparently a bat shit rambling press conference by the president today.


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