Day 32: The Dress


This was a week of reflection on the motives and feelings of Trump supporters. Sabrina Tavernise argued in the New York Times that the mocking intolerance of the liberal resistance may not only be preventing Trump voters from getting dates (Tinder profiles that read, “Trump supporters, swipe left”), but may also be driving some otherwise moderate conservatives to support Trump even more. After enduring the months of “Trump that Bitch” misogyny, race baiting and xenophobic fear-mongering, many liberals were not amused, as typified by this response to a reference I made to the NYT piece:

I can see that, but we won’t be able to reverse the electoral losses without drawing some votes from the Trump bloc. Sad to say, but increasing margins among our urban base in already blue states just will not reverse the GOP hold on Congress, nor will it undo the GOP occupation of state legislatures and governor’s mansions.

The tactical question aside, liberals remain simply dumbfounded that Trump supporters cannot appreciate what is to us so completely obvious. How can they not see it? A look into those enigmatic workings of the Trumpster mind appeared in WaPo, where attendees of the Florida rally were asked about the first month of the administration. Recognizing that these were the most loyal of the loyal followers, the disconnect between their perceptions and the kind of viewpoint I’ve been sharing here is astounding. They see a successful first month of a president who promised to shake things up and piss people off. To them the dress is blue and black; to us it’s white and gold, and no amount of careful explanation or photographic color rebalancing seems to bridge the divide.

One theory is that all the gas-lighting and alternative facts from the administration and its supporters is a kind of expert misdirection that pulls our attention away from the hand in the till or the jackboot on the throat. It is true that while we’ve been laughing at Sweden memes, the house GOP leadership has been quietly advancing a deeply conservative agenda. One particularly appalling example is HR 985, which will throw a wrench into the gears of class action procedures that are the basis of many civil rights law suits. I’ll be calling my District 1 representative tomorrow.


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