Day 33: Stockholm Syndrome

It turns out that the reason that no one had heard of the mysterious Sweden incident was that it hadn’t happened yet. Yesterday, residents in a Stockholm suburb with a large immigrant population responded to a drug arrest with several hours of rock throwing and car burning, as if fulfilling the oracular signs of Fox News as told by the Orange Prophet. The American alt-right apparently considers Sweden a prime example of a country where increased immigration has led to a crime wave, so I’m guess we are in for some dueling statistics in the next few days.

Fulfillment of another dismal prophecy also came today as the Trumpenator detailed his new immigration enforcement policies. No word yet on how this massive enforcement surge will be financed (no doubt Sweden will pay for it), and court challenges are sure to follow, but since immigration enforcement hinges on a good deal of prosecutorial discretion many of these changes will be well within the power of the executive branch.

Had a lovely chat with a staffer at Bobby Rush’s DC office today while relaying my opposition to HR 985. She called me ‘sweetie,’ and assured me that she would relay my message.


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