Day 35: Micropayments for Politics?

Here’s an idea. What if, instead of just clicking like or retweet you could donate a small amount of money to a related organization. Infuriating travel ban news? 25 cents to the ACLU. Bigotry embodied in anti-trans policy? 50 cents for Lambda Legal. Of course, this kind of funding model would need to be secure, quick and seamless, but previous attempts to develop this sort of infrastructure have not gone well. Micropayments were once proposed to fund content on the internet, and yet here we are still inundated with autoplay videos, popup ads, and other obstacles to our desire to consume content for free. Could bitcoin-like technology work for this application? Possibly, but one recent attempt seems to have lasted less than a year. Still there has been some adoption of cell-phone payments like Venmo, and it does seem like a mircopayment system would be the perfect complement to the way we engage with political causes on social media.


2 thoughts on “Day 35: Micropayments for Politics?

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