Day 36:Soggy Waffles


Props for the donation to Planned Parenthood, but I have to say the waffles were a little soggy and over-sweet.

Many of us have been wondering “why now” about the administration’s roll back of Obama’s protections for transgender children in schools, especially after 45 claimed he would be a better friend to LGBT Americans than Clinton. It just seems like such a gratuitous attack on reasonable rights for kids who have it hard enough. Is there really such an up side appealing to the bigoted base? It seems there is. It also seems, at least according to Emily Bazelon of Slate and the New York Times Magazine, that the movement of related cases through the courts put the administration in a position of having to decide on the case. So the decision is still hateful, terrible and wrong-headed, but at least its not as gratuitous as we thought.




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