Day 37: Nerd Prom


In the not-all-that-surprising news department, Pouty-McPoutface’s account tweeted out the President’s intention not to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year:


The lack of ALL CAPS, the magnanimity of the sign off, and the correct apostrophe use in the plural possessive all suggest a ghost writer, but #45’s attendance at the event had already been a question. Not only because it’s been another week of villainizing the press, but also because DJT has a bit of a history with this particular event. His sourpuss reaction to being teased by President Obama and Seth Meyers at the 2011 gala have even led to a theory making that event the psychological tipping point that turned a birther wackaloon into a presidential candidate birther wackaloon.

Still, perhaps it would be better if no one attended. The chummy hobnobbing between the press and the people they are supposed to cover has been criticized in the past, and that argument seems even more relevant today with an actively hostile White House blocking access and spewing BS with a fire hose.

On #theResistance beat today, the Indivisible project has grown from a list of tips for contacting representatives to a more comprehensive resource for organizing against the administration. Check it out.


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