Day 38: Malevolence, Incompetence or Malevolent Incompetence


Like an apocalyptic version of the Reddit ask-me-anything in which we have to decide between fighting 100 duck-sized horses or a single horse-sized duck, liberals are busy trying to decide whether we prefer the destruction of our democracy to be a result of malevolence or incompetence. On the malevolence side, His Royal Lieness has continued his attack on the press as an ‘enemy of the people’ (a phrase that was too Stalinist for Khrushchev), doubling down on use of that brilliant zinger at CPAC just two days ago. And yet, the image of this administration as a dumpster fire of a train wreck persists. Though it may be part of Bannon’s grand anarchic plan, cabinet secretaries are dashing around fixing whatever Trump breaks with his latest 4am policy tweet, the WH continues to encourage conflicting ACA replacements, and Sean Spicer tries to stem insider leaks by confiscating staffers’ phones–a tactic which is promptly leaked. Though it’s tempting to take comfort in Hanlon’s razor, which suggests not attributing to malice what can be explained by stupidity, we know that Trump’s shit show can do a lot of damage, even if it eventually collapses under its own preposterousness.

Today we bought a comforter and sheets for a local refugee family, as part of a drive organized by RefugeeOne. I think I’ve mentioned them before, but you should check them out for ways to aide refugees in your own area.


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