Day 40: Chaos Theory

In case you are keeping track of daily policy flips, today #45 said he may support some sort of ‘amnesty’-like deference for some undocumented immigrants. This idea, revealed while speaking to reporters on background (aka ‘leaking’), comes after weeks of denouncing purveryors of fake news for relying on anonymous sources. Also today, he began his big joint congressional session address with a condemnation of recent hate crimes, a condemnation many will find rings somewhat hollow. Particularly hollow, since today he also suggested that threats and attacks on Jewish community centers and cemeteries might be a false-flag operation to discredit him.

To return to the question of malevolence vs incompetence, it’s worth noting that there is a theory that all this incoherent, inconsistent, unreliable, twitter policy reversing, self-contradictory, truth-contradictory chaos is actually part of Steve Bannon’s master-plan-of-nihilist-anarchism. I’m not quite convinced, but it’s a theory.

If you are concerned about hate crimes in the US, sign up for updates from the Southern Poverty Law Center or check out their website for information on hate groups and educational programs to promote tolerance.



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