Day 41: The Great and Powerful Oz

As I mentioned yesterday, background leaks of a kinder, gentler immigration policy were followed in the evening not by the long awaited presidential pivot, but by essentially the same old xenophobic nonsense. Now, there are suggestions that the whole thing was a misdirection ploy, presumably to build positive news coverage in the hours before the speech. Who knows? Maybe they have just figured out another way to undo the policy damage from a president that seems to say whatever pops into his head at any moment. Still, if it was a ploy, it seems to have worked quite well, setting the tone for pundits today to praise The Don’s ability during his speech to read complete sentences from a teleprompter without foaming at the mouth.

Today’s remedial civics lessons included finding a website that tells you what’s scheduled for the House floor and another that allows you to track voting in real time. On the Senate side, I found this lovely bit of fear-mongering-by-committee-hearing by the GOP chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee:


I called his office to let his staff know I thought that was inappropriate. Interestingly, I saw later in the day that the charming Wisconsin senator has actually sent a cease and desist letter to activists for having the audacity to call his staff or visit his office.


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