Day 42: Sessions Consessions

Called out on a bit of a congressional fib (aka perjury) about contacts with the Russian ambassador, AG Sessions decided to recuse himself from any investigation of Russian ties to the campaign. Ambassador Kislyak is apparently quite the social butterfly in DC circles, so maybe it’s just another misunderstanding of perfectly reasonable meetings by Russian officials with Kushner…I mean Flynn… No. Manafort…Sessions. So as yet we have no smoking gun. No pictures of bags of cash being handed off. Still, the circumstantial evidence of ‘shenanigans’ seems stronger every day.

Project 1461 also has some interesting daily tips on how to resist the pmurT Administration.  Recent posts have included calls to help preserve net neutrality and protect undocumented immigrants. Project 1461 is a member of Action Alliance, a resistance group organized after the 2016 election. Another similar group is Rise Stronger. Check them out.


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