Day 43: Defunding Breitbart

There’s a social media campaign to put pressure on advertisers who support noted bovine fecal fire hose The way it works: you go on the site and take a screen shot of the ad and tweet your complaint to the company. These days, of course, companies don’t explicitly buy ads from Breitbart themselves, but instead pay for advertising networks to display their messages on a variety of websites. In order to prevent an unfortunate juxtaposition of their precious brands with tawdry content, these networks allow advertisers to specify a set of blacklisted sites. In this case the name and shame campaign seems to be working, with hundreds of advertisers jumping off the Bannon train. The effort has appealed particularly to the liberal wing of the tech sector, but to actually affect Breitbart’s bottom line may require wholesale delisting by the ad networks themselves. I poked around on Breitbart myself, but it seems the national brands have already fled, leaving behind the usual sleazy clickbait sponsored content. I’m guessing those mortgage refi scammers are impervious to naming and shaming.


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