Day 46: Expertise

In the same speech where Ben Carson referred to slaves as immigrants, the famously low-talking neurosurgeon and HUD secretary also shared this interesting description of how human memory works:


That’s not true. Human memory does not actually work that way. It’s one thing for him to have uninformed views about the construction of the pyramids, or reasons for poverty, and it’s quite another for him to be wrong about something so much nearer to his supposed expertise. In his defense, he is right that the hippocampus is essential for memory (encoding new memories, in particular), so his getting the details wrong may not affect his surgical skills. Still it’s a little ‘unnerving’ for him to trot out this old wives tale and stamp it with his professional imprimatur. If he gets that wrong, how will he do at the job he is actually unqualified for?

Speaking of unfit, the president has signed the new-improved-definitely-not-a-Muslim-ban 2.0, emphasizing exclusion of visa applicants who have not already been in the states (unlike those pesky green card holders who got stuck on the way back into the states during the last ban). This is presumably an attempt to reduce the ability of those denied access to have standing in US courts. Rights organizations like the ACLU are still confident they will be able to successfully stop the order, and the rules are bound to bring protests back to major airports in the US. If you are planning on joining in, is crowd sourcing this list of protests sites. It seems a little thin so far, so it might be wise to keep an eye on; they did a similar list during the last spate of airport protests, but haven’t compiled a new one yet.



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