Day 47: Condescension in the Ranks

When I’m riding public transportation on the south side of Chicago, the phones I see are shitty-ass Cricket Mobile phones. I see people struggling to make do with what they have, scraping to keep the car running and get to a job half way across the city. But here’s Jason Chaffetz once again proving that the GOP cannot keep themselves from blaming poor people for their crappy decision-making, having the bad judgement to be born into communities and families with no money. Republicans seem to see their mythical welfare queen everywhere, and aside from the fantastical inaccuracy of their world view, the condescending tone is infuriating. You have to wonder if they’ve ever met any poor people. In any case, as long as we are talking about how people should invest their money, there’s this:



One thought on “Day 47: Condescension in the Ranks

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