Day 52: CrowdPac



As I write this the candidate I mentioned yesterday, Kathie Allen, has raised $452,210 toward her campaign (now with $500,000 goal) to unseat aspirational Dickensian Jason Chaffetz. What I didn’t mention yesterday is that the website that facilitated that donation is Though it’s not quite the low-barrier micropayment system I suggested a few days ago, it does make it pretty simple to identify campaigns and candidates you might be interested in helping. It allows small donations, though it also charges a processing fee. More interestingly, it has an interface that allows you to search for candidates based on location, party, or attention to particular issues. You can read profiles of the candidates, and some are also rated on a left/right spectrum. Perhaps most interesting (especially this year), the interface makes it easy to find candidates who are running against someone you may prefer had a different line of work. For example, not a fan of Alabama Republican Robert Aderholt? Turns out he has a Democratic opponent, Brian Manasco:


OK, yeah. Maybe that guy needs a better photographer, but you get the point. Unfortunately, many candidates don’t yet have any opponents listed; presumably that will change as we get closer to the midterm elections.


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