Day 55: If/Then


As I’ve mentioned before, I think it would be great if there was a truly low-friction way to fund causes and political candidates. Though not quite what I had in mind, one interesting approach to crowdfunding politics is Instead of identifying candidates you want to receive your hard-earned dollars, you pledge your monetary support (or opposition) to specific bills before congress.Then i.t.f distributes your lucre to the Members of Congress who supported your position. Even more satisfying somehow, i.t.f. will keep track of the your pledge and also donate to the opponents of MoCs who took positions you pledged against.

While it is an innovative approach theoretically, I wouldn’t run out and sign over your retirement account. First of all, the service hasn’t really caught on. The website only shows a handful of bills with a total of a few hundred dollars pledged. Another red flag: the site is ambiguous about how its basic mechanism works. The About page says that your pledged donation is distributed to politicians depending on their vote on a particular bill, but the explanations of the individual bills says that your funds are distributed based on bill sponsorship. Seems like a distinction they should have worked out by now.


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