Day 56: A Little Ditty by Mitch & Ryan

The gutting of the Affordable Care Act is proving to be a tall task. Perhaps the Grand Old Party should consider a public service announcement, one that might feature a certain speaker of the house and Kentucky’s version of M&M.

(sung to the tune of “Jackson”, the place, not the genocidal dead president that Trump compares himself to)


We got ‘lected in a fever, sadder than a  Gingrich pout,

We’ll be talking ‘bout Jonestown, haranguing till the lights go out.

We’re goin’ to Jonestown, ain’t gonna mess around,

Yeah, we’re goin’ to Jonestown,

Jonestown without a doubt.

(just the speaker)

Well, go on down to Jonestown; ain’t gonna wreck our health.

I’ve got federal employees insurance, don’t know ‘bout yourself,

We’ll go to Jonestown; honey, how’s my hair?

We got a deal for Jonestown,

Better than Obama Care.

(just the men – did I mention that the speaker would be gussied up in a sexy little number for this?)

When we take ‘em to that city, people gonna stoop and cower.

You think it’s bad now? This is one percent power,

We’re goin’ to Jonestown, got the country by the throat.

‘Cus we’re goin’ to Jonestown.

(speaker) “Goodbye,” that’s all she wrote.


Well now, we got ‘lected in a fever, takin’ the country out,

We’ve been talkin’ ‘bout Jonestown, ever since the Donald’s rout,

Drivin’ the poor to Jonestown, this revolution’s not a blip,

Mixing up the kool aid, have yourself a little sip.


(25 million Americans who would lose health care under the new regime’s plan)

Well they got ‘lected in a fever, …






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