Day 59: A Very Special Election


April 18th will bring another ever so tentative test of the actual electoral power of the newly mobilized democratic base. The special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district will fill the vacancy left by the appointment of lucky stock trader Tom Price to dismantle the Department of Health and Human Services. While the district has often leaned strongly Republican in past presidential elections, Drumpf only managed to draw a point and a half over HRC, so Dems are optimistic. The election has drawn 11 Republicans, 5 Democrats and 2 independents, meaning a June runoff is nearly assured. Heading the field is Democrat Jon Ossoff, a documentary film producer who has apparently raised $3M in just a few weeks on endorsements by John Lewis and Daily Kos (among others). You can contribute to his campaign (as we have) via ActBlue, a non-profit fundraising platform that does not mandate a service fee (but does allow for an additional ‘tip’ to support their work). Other opportunities to take #TheResistance to the ballot box are cataloged on Unfortunately, among those upcoming listed elections, tomorrow’s special election for a corruption-vacated Democratic seat in Pennsylvania only includes the GOP candidate (It’s complicated).


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