Day 63: Minor Victory

News is breaking fast, so this could be stale before I finish the draft, but as of this writing, House GOP leaders have decided to postpone the vote on the AHCA until tomorrow, this after the Artful Dealer himself called members of the ‘Freedom Caucus’ into the principal’s office to show off his deft negotiating skills. These Tea Party conservatives apparently were not swayed by offers to eliminate the meager mandates that Ryan had left in the bill. Expecting insurers to minimally cover things like maternity care, mental health services or addiction treatment was apparently too much government intrusion into the Freedom to Suffer and Die from Manageable Disorders.

I call this a victory (however minor) because it proves that GOP leaders are having a hard time threading the needle on this thing. They are hemmed in on both sides, and that’s without even considering opposition in the Senate. I have to think that #TheResistance has played at least some part in keeping the pressure on, but we have to keep it up until this bill is dead and gone. I know that I was able to get through to several congressional offices today, so that means their lines are not tied up with callers. Room for improvement.


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