Day 65: Back to Work


We should definitely feel good about our win on Friday, but we should also remember there is still so much damage that the Trump presidency can do, especially in areas where the affected groups are more marginalized. Case in point, as horrifically detailed by Emily Bazelon in a recent New York Times Magazine article, the Bannon/Sessions axis appears poised to advance their nativist/white-supremacist agenda by restricting legal immigration and reducing or redirecting civil rights enforcement by the Justice Department. That civil rights enforcement has under previous administrations included insuring voting rights and investigating local police departments for allowing officers to, you know, shoot Black people with impunity.

One obvious resistance organization for this rebranding of the Justice Department as a white rights organization is Black Lives Matter. If you go to their website you’ll see a brief redirect from an organization called Deflect. It seems the BLM website has been the subject of numerous DDoS attacks (where a large number of computers are conscripted to make so many page requests that the server can no longer respond to legitimate queries). What Deflect does is provide a network of distributed web servers mirroring the targeted website, essentially fighting DDoS with a parallel strategy. Deflect protection is free for independent media, human rights organizations and activists. The specifics are a little vague, but it seems Deflect also provides a mechanism to donate your own computer resources to provide distributed protection for the organizations that use them.


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