Days 66-67: Oxymoronic House Committees for 200, Alex

As I mentioned yesterday, since the clusterfucktastrophe™ that was the GOP efforts to repeal ObamaCare is fading into the background, it’s time to turn our attention to other abominations. Devin Nunes, CA 22nd District Rep, tops the list of hen house guarding foxes in the current congressional oversight of the Trump administration. This climate change-denying ‘Intelligence’ Committee Chair, and early Trump supporter, has been running interference against allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians while also being ostensibly responsible for investigating those very allegations. Last week, on receiving some new information about the investigation, he ran first to brief the president on the material (drawing a scathing critique from the ranking Dem and sparking a bit of a dust up).

Let’s keep Nunes honest (to the extent that it’s possible) by keeping the pressure on the other members of the committee. So far, checking the majority and minority membership of the committee I’ve found two Republicans from districts that are identified as swing districts on One was Will Hurd from Texas 23, who won by only 1% in the last election. Then there is Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who won her district by 10% (though the district when for Clinton by a wide margin). One Democrat on the committee (Denny Heck) is not in a swing district, but does represent the area around Olympia WA, so I imagine I may have some readers who will be in that district and interested in giving the congressman a ring.


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