Day 74: Supreme In-Justice


Mitch McConnell is promising to get Neil Gorsuch through the confirmation process by Friday, most likely by reversing Senate rules and allowing a simple majority to halt a promised Democratic filibuster. This would cap a years-long partisan tit-for-tat over court appointments that culminated last year in the GOP rightfully guessing that a distracted electorate would allow them to completely abrogate their constitutional duty to even consider the Garland nomination. You would think that Dems would be united in opposition to the Gorsuch usurpation of the vacant Scalia seat, but you would be wrong. The four Senators pictured above apparently planning to join Republicans in supporting the Gorsuch nomination. Here they are, with contact numbers in the links: Joe Manchin of WV (office), Joe Donnelly of IN (office), Heidi Heitkamp of ND (office) and Michael Bennet of CO (office).


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