Day 77: Another Very Special Election

be040114_custom-021add15dafd8ec07cd08992739eff5cf2c36414-s900-c85This week I sense some desperation to read the 2018 midterm tea leaves as something less apocalyptic than our liberal electoral meltdown last year. The prognostication mostly focuses on the spate of special congressional elections to replace those MoCs that have joined the Trump cabinet. Huffpo for example seems to have a serious case of the vapors over news that the National Republican Congressional Committee is pouring last-minute cash into what should be a lock in a deep red state. I wouldn’t bet my retirement on the gossamer thread of a possibility that Democrat James Thompson would beat the GOP candidate in this district that went for Trump with a 27 point margin, but the party split for early returns indicates an unprecedented Democratic surge in early voting, a category typically dominated by Republicans. Still, we can hope, can’t we? And we can also donate.


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