Days 101-104: Another Day, Another Repeal Vote


House GOP leaders dug up $8 billion to appease moderate republicans concerned about the loss of coverage for preexisting conditions in the AHCA, so they have apparently whipped enough votes to at least bring it to a vote tomorrow. Despite the hat tip to covering those pesky chronic conditions, this version of the bill-that-refuses-to-die is more conservative than the previous version, making it a tough sell in the Senate. Still, a defeat in the House would be more satisfying, perhaps allowing us to think about something else for a while.

Speaking of distractions, how about those violations of the emoluments clause? If only we had some kind of government body to provide a sort of constraint on the behavior of the executive. Slate’s Amicus podcast had a great interview with ethicist Norm Eisen in which he describes in great wonkish detail the many offenses of our kleptocrat-in-chief. It’s worth a listen, and Eisen’s organization (CREW) is worth a look, and you can donate on their site to help with their lawsuits against the president.

Pictured above, a stack of prepaid post cards to bring a little old school flavor to my congressional correspondences. 38 cents each.


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