Days 105-107: Get Mad, and Get Even

As you know, the GOP’s zombie AHCA bill has risen from the grave again, as it is at present lurching across the rotunda toward the Senate. This profoundly unpopular bill may face an icy reception in the Senate, but it’s nothing we can count on. On the bright side, this ridiculous sham legislation has inspired a flood of donations to liberal/progressive organizations, possibly $2M in the days since the bill passed. I’ve mentioned in the past that some organizations have created systems that allow you to fund the as yet unknown opponents of your favorite AHCA-supporter. For example, SwingLeft has started what they call district funds, allowing donations to be held for the eventual Democratic candidate in a given district. For example, I’ve just donated to the IL-06 fund, which will help defeat Peter Roskam in the 2018 elections. That money may go to Kelly Mazeski, who has just joined what could be a national wave of novice politicians by announcing her candidacy for his seat, but no funding will be awarded until the primary results are in.


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