Days 108-110: Tuesday Night Massacre


You’d think that thirteen dudes deciding the future of American healthcare would be headlining this week, but our master of incompetent distraction has delivered another whopper. The administration is spinning a tale about how Donald The Petulant had been pondering giving Comey the ax since inauguration day, but was pushed over the edge by revelations that the FBI director had misrepresented the gravity of new revelations in the Clinton email investigation. Aside from the improbability of Trump suddenly defending Clinton, the new story line also has Trump getting his undies in a bunch over the weekend, though the revelations about Comey’s misstatements seem to have happened Monday (at least for the rest of us). And speaking of timing, since CNN reported yesterday morning that grand jury subpoenas were expected soon for members of Team Trump and Comey had indicated an expansion of the Russia probe, we could call that a Nixonian coincidence.

Care to share your opinions on this investigation with members of the esteemed Senate? Here’s a list of how they stand on appointment of a special prosecutor, and here are all their office phone numbers (20 or so of which I called today).


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