Days 152-158: No, Republicans Don’t Want People to Die…They Just Seem Callously Indifferent to the Short-term Human Cost of Their Anarcho-libertarian Pipe Dreams


Some of the handful of Republicans I follow on Twitter have been complaining that we liberals are painting them with too broad a brush when we say they actually want millions of people to die. Of course they don’t; Republicans are not evil. They love their children. They love their pets. They just also happen to love small government.

Still, when it comes to the plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, GOPers need to reconcile some fundamental contradictions. You can’t believe in releasing health care to the whims of the free market, in forcing poor people to have more ‘skin in the game,’ in letting insurance companies drop costly clients, etc. without acknowledging that many more people will get sick (and some will die). You want the federal government out of healthcare, then you’ve got to own the consequences (even if they are only short-term bumps on the road to your libertarian utopia). Otherwise, you are just doing a version of Trump’s rainbow-out-the-ass-unicorn promise to maintain coverage, protect pre-existing conditions, end the individual mandate, all while reducing premiums and cutting taxes.

And speaking of skin in the game, what the hell kind of ideology of personal responsibility takes away Medicaid from millions of children?


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