Day 95: Once Upon a Time There Was a Great Country, a Beautiful Country, a Huge Country

And then a horrid man with little interest in the well-being of his fellow citizens snatched the reins of power.  He surrounded himself with odious and misshapen creatures and half-listened to their mewing advice.  The task in front of him was huge, it would take monumental focus and energy.  But then whoever said that bringing a great and proud nation to its knees would be easy?  First things first, truth in all of its one shade would have to be challenged daily, hourly, insistently.  Alternative facts would have to be created, Diogenes’ lamp would have to be shattered, and attempts must be made to cow those who purport to report events in a accurate manner.  Next distrust and, if possible, hate for ones neighbors must be instilled in the population.  The quaint notion that all residents of a nation share a certain je ne sai quoi and therefore a fraternity must be quashed.  The populace must understand that some people (and animals) are more equal than others.  The next step is economic mayhem and following that is the invasion of anther country to further deplete a nation’s treasury.

“Did this really happen?” one might ask.  The author apologizes if he has misled the reader by starting this off with “once upon a time …”, but, alas, yes this did happen.  Robert Mugabe came to power in 1980 in what was known as “the breadbasket of Africa”, the Republic of Zimbabwe.  1980 to 2017 is thirty-seven years.  For thirty-seven years Mugabe has managed to stay in power by bringing the breadbasket of Africa down to the beggars basket of Africa.  He had great success in his attempts to muzzle the press. He sowed seeds of hate between the Shona and Ndebele resulting in “gukurahundi” or acts of ethnic cleansing.  He created economic mayhem by a ham handed handing over of flourishing farm land to those with little experience farming.  By all means, those who had been forced to the least arable land while the country was known as Rhodesia surely had claim to some of the better land but a period of transition might have prevented decades of food shortages.  Last but not least Mugabe sought to really set back his country but getting involved in the Second Congo War.

A real textbook example of how to create a failed state.  It has happened elsewhere in various forms and could certainly happen again.  This is why we resist and must continue to resist for all 1461 days that any Mugabe Doppelganger might be in power.


Day 56: A Little Ditty by Mitch & Ryan

The gutting of the Affordable Care Act is proving to be a tall task. Perhaps the Grand Old Party should consider a public service announcement, one that might feature a certain speaker of the house and Kentucky’s version of M&M.

(sung to the tune of “Jackson”, the place, not the genocidal dead president that Trump compares himself to)


We got ‘lected in a fever, sadder than a  Gingrich pout,

We’ll be talking ‘bout Jonestown, haranguing till the lights go out.

We’re goin’ to Jonestown, ain’t gonna mess around,

Yeah, we’re goin’ to Jonestown,

Jonestown without a doubt.

(just the speaker)

Well, go on down to Jonestown; ain’t gonna wreck our health.

I’ve got federal employees insurance, don’t know ‘bout yourself,

We’ll go to Jonestown; honey, how’s my hair?

We got a deal for Jonestown,

Better than Obama Care.

(just the men – did I mention that the speaker would be gussied up in a sexy little number for this?)

When we take ‘em to that city, people gonna stoop and cower.

You think it’s bad now? This is one percent power,

We’re goin’ to Jonestown, got the country by the throat.

‘Cus we’re goin’ to Jonestown.

(speaker) “Goodbye,” that’s all she wrote.


Well now, we got ‘lected in a fever, takin’ the country out,

We’ve been talkin’ ‘bout Jonestown, ever since the Donald’s rout,

Drivin’ the poor to Jonestown, this revolution’s not a blip,

Mixing up the kool aid, have yourself a little sip.


(25 million Americans who would lose health care under the new regime’s plan)

Well they got ‘lected in a fever, …





Day 53: The Weiner Could Get Savage, or Ivanka’s not the Only One with Daddy Issues

Welcome to our first guest poster:

crossed-my-eyes-1a (2)

Donald Trump’s propensity for queering the truth is nothing new.  He leapt into the political fray on The View of all places as a “birther.” His call for Obama to release his birth certificate was met with glee by bigots and non-bigots alike (it is estimated that 0.000078% of all birthers are non-bigots). A week after his appearance on The View Trump explained to Laura Ingraham “that where it says religion (on the birth certificate) it might have said Muslim.” Heady times, Laura Ingraham giving you the thumbs up.  It may have been back in those halcyon days (post- Ivanka’s Stuff Magazine photo shoot and her pre-Flowers in the Attic phase) that Trump thought to himself “p’haps I kin be pesident.” Trouble was, aside from attacking Obama for his non-occidental complexion, Trump really hadn’t much of a political platform.

What to do? What to do? The GOP was likely to throw up a baker’s dozen of triflings. Such an opportunity! All he needed to do was come up with a conservative ideology. Yet that seemed a lot of effort; hmm,  why not borrow one? Mr. Trump searched low and low. And there on the AM dial he found Michael Alan Weiner, a.k.a. Michael Savage. While Mr. Savage may be best known for eating his lunch on air while hosting his three-hour radio show, he also has his own political philosophy. Borders, language, and culture. Well maybe less a philosophy and more of a bumper sticker but still it was more than Trump had at that time. Appropriating this complex doctrine keeping our borders, language, and culture safe proved to relatively easy. A few guest appearances on Savage Nation and it was his. Just had to break it down to bite size pieces for his base. “Gonna build a wall, gonna keep them Muslims out.”  That should (and did) do.

Campaign promises aside, Trump understands that if he fails to follow through with these two pillars of our Great Again America, the Weiner could get Savage. Michael Savage preaches to much of the Trump base for 15 hours a week. If Mr. Savage feels that Trump is weakening his stance on immigration he may take him behind the woodshed on air. With this in mind, after Trump signed his second executive order banning Muslims, it was easy to imagine him looking west towards Michael Savage and whispering “I did good daddy, didn’t I?”